The Best CBD Gummies You Can Buy

If CBD oil is the most popular product on the market, its close second is CBD gummies. These gelatin-based sugary snacks are delicious! They also come in many different flavors/styles. I have tried many types and flavors, and want to share some insight into what I feel personally are the best CBD gummies out there.

Using gummies for health and wellness is nothing new, in most supermarket aisles you can find them for supplements like multivitamins and fish oil. I think this is one of the primary reasons these product has taken off, people already love them over traditional pills/capsules.

Cbd Gummy Squares Orange Flavor

But here’s the thing:

With so many CBD brands online it can be really difficult to figure out why to buy one over another. This is especially true when at first glance the main differences just appear to be if you prefer to eat a square or something more fun.

Not all gummies are created equal!

You read that right, they just aren’t, and that’s why product reviews are so important, to answer questions like,

  • Are there differences I should look out for?
  • What’s inside them?
  • What are their flavors?
  • What makes them the best gummy?

I want to highlight a few companies that I feel create amazing CBD gummies. Once you get a chance to think about trying some out for yourself, my buyers guide below the reviews will help assist you if you have any further questions.

Monarch Botanicals Cbd Gummies Assorted Thumbnail

Monarch Botanicals

Gummies 30ct

10mg each | $35.00 | Lab Analysis

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Cannabidiol Life

Full Spectrum Gummies

25mg each | $69.99 | Lab Analysis

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Best CBD Gummies - Reviews

Monarch Botanicals Gummies – Best Price

Cannabidiol Life Full Spectrum Gummies: Organic & Vegan – Best Full Spectrum

Want a CBD gummy square that is flavorful and won’t break the bank? Check out Monarch Botanicals! At 10mg of CBD per piece, one or two of these will help you relax and unwind (consult dosage guides from a medical professional). 

Want to know the best part?

These squares aren’t artificially colored! This means that you get all the benefits of CBD without the bad stuff.

Since colors don’t signal flavors, it’s also a new surprise with every treat. Cherry, orange, pineapple – yum these assorted flavors are delicious! 

Worried about getting high?

Don’t be. Monarch Botanicals (US Hemp Farms) uses super high-quality CBD isolate in their formulations. This means that cannabidiol has been isolated from all the other cannabinoids when it is extracted from hemp.

Bye, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) 👋!

The other benefit of an isolate based hemp gummy is never worrying about legality. If there is no THC in the product it will always be under the Federal requirements of 0.3% Delta-9.



Cannabidiol Life does full-spectrum products the best. I think I love their Organic & Vegan CBD gummies more than any other product in their line.

Full-spectrum hemp products have all the cannabinoids still in the product (even THC, but in legal amounts). They also contain other plant by-products like terpenes and flavonoids which often influence their flavor.  

This can sometimes be a negative, plant flavors are earthy and complex (to say it nice). Some people often find full-spectrum CBD to burn or have a bitter taste.

That isn’t true here.

While these hemp gummies do have a unique taste, it is actually delicious. Much like coffee or beer, you may not enjoy it fully at first, but it grows on you quickly. I surprise myself leaning on these more than my CBD oil tinctures – I like them that much.

Cannabidiol Life also makes sure these take into consideration people looking for vegan or gluten-free options in their CBD, and that’s special.



CBD Gummies Buyer's Guide

Best Cbd Gummies You Can Buy

I hope you will consider trying at least one of my CBD gummies suggestions, they are all wonderful options. The other benefit is I have worked with and closely examined each brand’s standards and practices. All my “Gold Standards” proudly display their certificates of analysis and meet Federal Legal requirements.

Now let’s dive into all things gelatin with my comprehensive buyer’s guide.

What Are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are gelatin and sugar-based confections that have been infused with cannabidiol (CBD). Cannabidiol is a plant extract from cannabis plants like marijuana and more commonly hemp. Source

Cbd Oil Vs Cbd Gummies

Why Buy CBD Gummies Over CBD Oil?

You might be wondering:

Why some people choose to use a CBD gummy over any other eaten form. It generally comes down to personal preference. Both rely on the stomach to process the delivery form and absorb it into the bloodstream (which takes time). Both also tend to be fairly straight forward, they don’t rely on any fancy machine to use.

But they aren’t as similar as they appear…

CBD gummies have some distinct advantages over CBD oil. CBD gummies are:

  • Easier to transport
  • Simpler to understand when dosing
  • Potentially less messy
  • Definitely less conspicuous
Considering they often taste better than unflavored CBD oil too, it is pretty understandable why so many people choose gummies.

Will CBD Gummies Get You High?

People are always worried about getting high from using hemp CBD products because of the stigma of marijuana.

The short answer, and what most companies will tell you is no, you will not get high from using CBD. This actually is a statement that requires qualifications – something they often don’t include.

CBD won’t get you high directly, it’s a non-intoxicant. But if you are using a full-spectrum CBD product, it is possible to take too much or abuse the product and experience a high because it contains THC.

You don’t want to abuse CBD, it has been shown in certain studies to damage the liver if dosed improperly. This could also affect a drug test, so buyer beware.

Here’s the bottom line:

Talk to your healthcare practitioner or a medical marijuana doctor first before using any cannabis product. This way you can observe recommended dosage amounts, and have an idea of how much/what you need to be taking per day.

How To Make Cannabis Gummies At Home

It is actually possible to make CBD gummies at home using hemp oil. Here is an easy shopping list:

  • 1 oz CBD. You can use CBD in an oil format, OR from a tincture, at the MG amount that’s best for you.
  • Three tablespoons of the flavoring of your choice — honey is a simple place to start.
  • ¾ cup juice of your choice: cherry, apple, pear, etc.
  • ½ cup of coconut water.
  • 1 ½ Tbsp gelatin
  • ⅛ tsp salt

Once you have purchased all these items ahead of time, watch this video for a step-by-step tutorial.

Recipe Credit: CBD Central

Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite CBD gummy brand is!