Best CBD Oil – Complete Buyer’s Guide

So you are thinking about buying CBD oil and want to know what the best CBD oil is – awesome! A simple search on Google yields all sorts of results and product suggestions, but that makes it more difficult to choose honestly. Most CBD companies look pretty good, especially if they show lab certifications and brand reviews.

Looking even closer at labels and product descriptions show difficult to understand terms like “full-spectrum” or “isolate,” making it hard to tell the difference between one vendor or another.

Best Cbd Oil Sample

It gets worse…

I found myself asking questions like,

  • Why should I buy Purekana CBD Oil over Penguin CBD oil?
  • Companies like Cannabidiol Life, etc say they have unique extraction methods, but what does that even mean?
  • Do certain brands like Medterra work better than others? How much should you take? What are the benefits?

These questions are valid and I am here to do my best to help address them.

Let’s be clear:

There is no such thing as the best CBD oil on the market; every product and company has shortcomings.

But based on my 7 years of experience in the cannabis industry, I can tell you about the brands I value most and help you buy for what best meets your needs/matters to you.

The CBD oils I feature are all great, there is no harm in trying any one (or all of them)! I will make sure to highlight which fit a particular role or need really well. The list is in no particular order and will have a detailed review below.

If you want to know more about CBD oil in general and have your questions answered in detail, read the in-depth buyer’s guide at the end – it will explain unfamiliar terms and concepts.

Cannabidiol Life

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

1500mg | $129.95 | Lab Analysis

Use Code: JennysGold for 15% off retail.

Monarch Botanicals Sublingual Cbd Oil Thumbnail

Monarch Botanicals

Sublingual Oil

1000mg | $80.00 | Lab Analysis

Use Code: Jengold gives 10% off orders under $100!

Best CBD Oil - Reviews

Cannabidiol Life’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500mg) – Best Certifications

Monarch Botanicals Sublingual Oil – Best Flavor

Looking for a full-spectrum CBD oil? This should be stop number one. Cannabidiol Life has a patented extraction method they use to produce their CBD product line. This means that all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that hemp plants produce are saved!

Why is this important?

One of the most talked about potential CBD oil benefits is its interaction with our human body’s Endocannabinoid System. Cannabinoids work with this system – and when they are all present you have more interaction. This is often called the “entourage effect” in industry talk.

It gets better:

Cannabidiol Life grows and produces their hemp oils and extracts in Ft. Lupton, CO. The facility is EPA approved, environmentally safe, and organic/GMP certified. Love it!

They also have an MMJ Doctor test and monitor their oil and provide dosage/nutrition guides.

Back this all up with third party lab testing certifications on their website and bottles (with a scan code) and you have a superior product worth your money.



This pure CBD oil is isolate based, meaning that cannabidiol is the only cannabinoid it contains. CBD isolate is a powder-like substance from processed hemp or marijuana that removes all the other molecular compounds – even THC.

This makes this oil an excellent suggestion for those with THC concerns.

It is also harvested, bottled, and lab-certified directly from the Monarch Botanicals / US Hemp Farm. You read that right, the company does everything!

Want to know the best part?

The flavors Monarch Botanicals offer for their CBD oil line is delicious! Customers often may not enjoy the acquired taste of hemp oils and buy edibles, like CBD gummies or candies, instead.

These tinctures come in four unique flavors (I love Wild/Mixed Berry, YUM) that will make you forget all about other products. Because they use isolate, the natural oil is flavorless and doesn’t have any burn or bitterness as full-spectrum products can.



CBD Oil Buyer's Guide

Best CBD Oil

Now that you have had a chance to look over the above Jenny’s Gold Standard “best” selections it is time to deep dive into all things CBD oil.

Here I will address common product FAQs and give term definitions to help you understand everything about it.

What Is CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is of over a hundred different organic plant compounds found in cannabis sativa plants. Cannabis sativa plants are commonly referred to as hemp and marijuana.

Since hemp is now Federally legal in the United States many growers and companies have begun to harvest CBD from it to produce edibles, topicals, and smokeable.

The legalization of hemp has also opened it to research/scientific study to analyze its potential medical and therapeutic uses. This is because CBD does not have any psychoactive effects like THC (the euphoria creating mind-altering cannabinoid people use marijuana for). Source

Medical studies show CBD for pain and anxiety could be a substitute for prescription medication and other home remedies. Source

CBD oil is made mainly using hemp because the plant produces so much of it. Once cannabidiol has been extracted, it is added to fatty carrier oils like MCT to aid in digestion. This is generally what is sold as CBD oil online.

Buyer Beware: Hemp Oil & CBD Oil are not the same thing!

How to Make CBD Oil At Home

If you are interested in making CBD oil at home here is a great video walkthrough!

Full Spectrum vs Broad Spectrum vs Isolate

In the reviews section, you may have noticed common sayings used with CBD oil are “full-spectrum,” “broad-spectrum,” and “isolate.”

These are actually descriptions of the kind of extract used in product creation.

Full Spectrum Cbd Oil Glass Ramekin


Full-spectrum uses special extraction methods to not strip away what some consider desired plant materials like terpenes and flavonoids. These plant byproducts add smell and flavor profiles, and also may help aid all cannabinoids present in their effects. 

This is what is known as a synergistic relationship between cannabinoids (the entourage effect). Full-spectrum CBD products also contain all the other cannabinoids present at the time of plant extraction. This means that yes they do contain delta-9 THC, but in a small amount to be legal.

Buyer’s Note:

It is possible with overuse/abuse of a full-spectrum CBD product to consume enough THC to feel “high,” especially if sensitive. This is not from the CBD! Always follow product guidelines outlined by the company, and start low and slow.

Broad Spectrum Cbd Oil Glass Ramekin


Broad-spectrum is unique because it isolates out certain cannabinoids to remove them while still keeping all the other plant matter.

Broad-spectrum products often contain no THC, as this is what is isolated and removed. Always look over a broad spectrum CBD oil’s lab report to identify what cannabinoids are present or don’t buy it.

Pure Cbd Oil Crystals Isolate

CBD Isolate

Isolate is an extraction by-product that usually looks like white powder in pictures. CBD isolate is pure cannabidiol, no other plant matter is present in the substance.

Isolate is made from complex chemical processes, like CO2 extraction, to help keep a product Federally legal or address a particular product need.

How To Use CBD Oil

These are three commonly used ways to take CBD,

  1. Eat
  2. Inhale
  3. Apply

CBD oil is generally eaten by administering the recommended amount under the tongue, which is then held for a time, then swallowed. For a comprehensive CBD dosage guide check out Project CBD.

Fun Fact:

Certain types/brands of CBD oil can actually be used all three ways – some oils can be smoked; pretty much all can be applied to the skin. CBD topicals may be more effective, but you can use oil in a pinch.

Make sure you check with the CBD oil brand you buy from for more clarification before smoking it.

Generally, you should take two doses of CBD oil per day, one at rise, one near bed.

How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel

People report when using CBD oil correctly:

  • A relaxed, calm state
  • Pain reduction
  • Inflammation reduction (like headaches & arthritis)
  • Sleepiness/tired

Over time these feelings may help aid in combating anxiety attacks, depression, racing thoughts, and sleep deprivation.

CBD in research has been shown to help with tons of health problems!

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

How Long Does It Take For Cbd Oil To Work

After taking a CBD dose it usually takes about 20-30mins to feel any effects. Generally, the effects of CBD oil last about 4-6 hours, though if taken regularly they can last longer.

You need to know this:

What most people don’t understand about CBD products is that any change or feeling is gradual, experienced over time as you microdose.

This doesn’t mean that the product isn’t working.

If you are using your CBD oil correctly for an extended period of time (consult a Medical Marijuana Doctor & your Healthcare Practitioner) you are more likely to notice changes/benefits.