Monarch Botanicals not only provides first-grade CBD products but is also a wonderful hemp resource for growers/farmers.

What better way to know your CBD oil is “seed to shelf” than buying it from licensed hemp farmers!

The dedicated staff at Monarch Botanicals has developed unique genetics and organic practices in their hemp farming techniques – which they will happily counsel you on if you are interested in growing your own, or have a farm that needs help.

The company also has an in-house industrial hemp laboratory for testing their crops and CBD products.

US Hemp Farms has been manufacturing safe, quality hemp products for quite some time. They grow, process, extract, lab test, and product fulfill for individuals and clients all in house.

In business for over 5 years, I cannot recommend this company enough! I am a huge fan of their CBD cream for pain especially.

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What stands out as a mark of excellence, and why I chose Monarch Botanicals to receive the Gold Standard, is their passion for hemp.

You cannot have the best CBD without the best hemp. US Hemp Farms can also consult you on everything – land lease, crop share, seeds, genetics, and more.

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  • “Seed to shelf” CBD business
  • Organic growing practices
  • Offer farm, lab, and CBD services
  • Run by women! ❤️
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