ORL®​ was founded by business pros looking to revolutionize oral care without harmful ingredients. They add high-quality hemp CBD oil to potentially help balance the pH level of the mouth and stop harmful bacteria.

As scientific study evolves and increases our understanding, we realize that what was once considered a safe or necessary additive to a product 20 years ago may in fact be terrible.

ORL®, when compared to well-known oral care brands, is free of over 100 potentially harmful ingredients included in most kinds of toothpaste and mouthwashes.

All of their oral hygiene line is independently lab certified for authenticity – buy with confidence.

ORL® toothpaste and mouthwash combines organic ingredients like xylitol, essential oils, CBD oil, and vitamins to clean and protect the mouth, teeth, and gums.

ORL® earns my Gold Standard because its products are also environmentally eco-friendly. They use innovative glass bottles to stop toxic plastic contamination and aid in recycling – accredited by PETA, and more.

It’s ok if you forget Biology – specifically Acids & Bases, ORL® CBD has you covered. All you need to know is that a 7.0pH balance is perfect for your mouth. 

Using these perfectly pH balanced products will combat bad breath, promote good bacteria, and restore tooth enamel with calcium instead of fluoride.

  • Eco-minded product approach
  • Premium Organic CBD
  • Oral hygiene is what they do
  •  Free of 100+ harmful additives