If you are looking for handcrafted CBD topicals made from hemp look no further than WholeMade Bath Co. WholeMade offers superior quality ingredients for bath and body, transforming the beauty market with something new.

The WholeMade brand had roots in Bath & Body care before the Federal legalization of hemp in 2018. This is thanks to owners Elissa and Jerell Klaver’s first business SALUS®.

Tweaking their natural handcrafted beauty line to incorporate and accentuate hemp extracts, they created WholeMade in 2017.

This company puts all its focus on manufacturing the best CBD topicals, and I couldn’t be more excited about sharing them with you!

If hemp extracted CBD makes sense in anything more than an edible, its a topical. WholeMade makes over 20 different types!

They believe “research shows hemp extracts when applied to the skin may help localized areas with muscle soreness, pain relief, inflammation, tension, cramps and headaches.” Worth considering if you suffer from any of these too.

A picture is worth 1000 words but I’m going to try! The breadth of WholeMade Bath Co’s topicals is outstanding.

The Gold Standard in beautiful CBD bath bombs, CBD serums, and CBD creams that come in multiple color/ingredient options to best suit your needs.

  •  Natural hemp topicals from CO, USA
  • Variety is the spice of life, that’s here!
  • Great product line for men & beards
  • Organic, Safe essential oil & additives